Minnesota Stable Owners Association


JANUARY 21, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by President Larry Lanoux. Larry gave a short history highlighting the formation of our organization, with special thanks to Dan Ramberg and Allison Eklund for all the help they gave to MNSOA. He welcomed new members and new guests. We had Darryl Mead from MHC as a welcomed guest. The attendance sheet was passed around and there were membership forms for 2015 renewals available.
Kris Kelly read the minutes of the November meeting, with a motion to approve by Allison Eklund and seconded by Larry and carried.
Kelly Thommes gave the Treasurer’s report. There is $1212.26 in account. Renewals are $25 this year. Katie Haskins will efile our 2015 information and Kris will renew our Secretary of State listing and make the new changes of officers. There are 70 members, not all have paid renewal fees. Kelly sent a membership list to John Strohfus and to Kris, Kris will take the non active members off the list. Bonnie Haines moved to approve the report with a second from Allison and carried.
John Strohfus (Vice President and Membership) talked briefly about who we are as an organization and some of the goals for 2015. We would like to promote the area chapters through the state, so groups of stable owners can meet in their own locations and forward their information to parent organization. We want our members to voice concerns to the MHC and to our legislature. We need to go after our corporate sponsorships again, saddle clubs and associate members. There was discussion about having 2 types of stable owner headings, professional and hobby farm. We discussed having a booklet with discount coupons for members. There was quite a bit of discussion from guests and members regarding where we want the organization to go and how valuable it is. Wisconsin doesn’t have a group like ours and they are getting quite a bit of tax burden from their legislature.
Rochester Technical and Community College is planning to eliminate the Equine Science program. Kris will send a letter of support to the College. The humane officers are out answering unwarranted complaints in the Buffalo area. We will post the statute for horse care on our website and try to provide resources where needed.
Allison Eklund spoke briefly on legislation and staying diligent.
Discussion was held on putting the budget together for 2015 and the agenda for the year 2015. Additional topics for discussion at future meetings were thrown around. Possible post stables who welcome travelers overnight on the website, equine bed and breakfasts, etc.
Our next meeting is March 4th, location to be determined. Rachel Motley from Purina offered to put a nutritional and feed presentation together for the meeting. She will see if Purina will be a corporate sponsor of MNSOA. Kris will check Leatherdale complex at the University to see if we could use their facility for a meeting and have a tour some month. She will also check to see if Hugo City Hall is available for the March meeting.
Thanks to all who attended the annual meeting and Holiday dinner!
Respectfully submitted,
Kris Kelly, Secretary


NOVEMBER 5, 2014
The meeting was called to order by President Joe Haines at 7:05 PM. The attendance sheet was passed around. Kris Kelly read the minutes from the Sept. meeting. Dawn Lanning moved to approve, second by Allison Eklund and carried. Kelly Thommes read the Treasurer’s report. There is currently $1143 in the account. Membership renewals were set at $25. Kris will mail that out to current membership list. We haven’t incurred many expenses in 2014. Kris moved to approve, seconded by Tim Thommes and carried.
Committee Reports:
Membership:  We welcomed four new visiting and prospective members, Rachel Mottet, Pat McNamara, Stephanie Wood, and Mike____. A short discussion was held on the value of the organization  to new members and what was important to each of us as members. Larry suggested adding a student membership for $5 or $10. Arley brought up a Facebook promo that is a pay per click for a month.
Legislature: Allison Eklund gave an update on Otter Tail County and property tax issues. This property tax thing is not going away. It is a topic we need to, as an organization, stay vigilant on. It was suggested Stable Owners reach out to Red Horse to form a local chapter and have greater strength in numbers.
Discussion about trying to broaden the state equine liability law, which now is strictly for non profits was discussed. Allison said the climate in Minnesota still is against immunity from liability for profit entities. She will continue to keep her ears open.
Trails: Dawn gave a lengthy overview of the trails development in Lebanon Park. She discussed recreational vs transportation trails. She said the mountain bike people are very organized and lobby well. There are safety issues when horses, bikes, skateboarders, hikers all share the same trail. If any stable owners & horse owners use the park, it is important to let their planning group know you want horse trails supported. Brown’s Creek Trail in Stillwater is open. The horse trail ends at Manning at the bridge. Their is also a dead end at Gasthaus. The trail is nice.
Old Business: Elections were held (partial). Larry Lanoux will replace Joe Haines as President and John Strohfus will replace Tim Thommes as Vice President. John will also head the membership committee. The offices of Treasurer and Secretary will stay the same until January. If anyone has any interest in these position, please let any of the Board members know. Bonnie Haines moved to approve the 2 positions for 2015, seconded by Tim and carried.
Kelly will send the 2015 renewal to MHC for continued membership.
We discussed some new mission statement ideas and discussed what we want to promote about MNSOA to attract new members. The networking capabilities are very important. The social atmosphere and being able to discuss and see how others do things is a learning tool. We feel that we can be friends and mentors and peers while being competitors. We are here to help each other and draw support from each other. The group represents the commercial boarding industry in the state as a unified voice. It is felt that an incentive such as discounts for products would be a draw. Visiting other stables is a good idea. Continuing to provide topics and speakers for discussion is a big plus.
New Business: Kris asked if anyone wanted a sleigh ride social event this winter. Bunker Park Stable will host it. It can also serve as a membership drive.  Like MNSOA Facebook page and share it! Create a buzz!
Our next meeting will be in January 2015. It will also be our holiday party. Larry will check availability at the Gasthaus in Stillwater. At this meeting, we want everyone to bring someone who would have something to gain from access to everyone. We will thank outgoing officers and welcome new ones. Loren Sederstrom moved to adjourn, seconded by Larry and carried.
Respectfully submitted,  Kris Kelly, Secretary

MNSOA MEETING MINUTES Sept. 10. 2014 The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Secretary Kris Kelly (both President and VP were unable to attend). The meeting was held at Cornerstone and the members thanked John Dusak for his hospitality of snacks, sweets, pop and beer. Kris read the minutes of the previous meeting, Larry Laniux moved to approve, seconded by John D. and carried. We will hold the Treasurer’s report until the next meeting.

Committee Reports: Membership: We welcomed Donavin Prescott from Dakota Stables. Dues statements for 2015 will be sent out. We need to promote to stable owners that it is more effective to be part of a bigger group. Larry discussed a membership drive, John said to ask each member to try to get one other member, do we offer an incentive? Go through the Horseman’s directory and mail invitations and membership form to stables listed. Talk to breed organizations to promote MNSOA. At horse shows and sales, ask if they would make an announcement supporting the organization. Our members should have forms available at horse shows. No legislative report. Larry mentioned Bob Dettmer and Ray VanDevere are up for re election and to remember how much they helped us a few years ago.

Trails: Dawn Lanning gave her report. She is on the Lebanon Hills Advisory. MTRA lost Irv Parker. Dawn also discussed how many horse related facilities fall in the cracks for grants, loans, etc due to wording of agricultural entity.

Old Business: Election of officers will be pushed back until November. Kris has guidelines on what to look for in a boarding facility which she will get to Arly. We talked about MNSOA’s purpose and redoing the mission statement. We just roundtables some statements; helping to make the MN horse boarding community a better place, valuing the integrity of the horse industry, Missy Svigney said she would work with John Strohfus on a brochure. New Business: Discussion was had on having quarterly or semi annual meetings with the Board of Directors meeting bi monthly. We would need to increase the members on the Board as now it is just the officers.

More discussion for November. Kris brought the AHC Welfare Code.

A motion was made by John D and seconded by Larry to support this code. Kris will get it to Arly for the website. We discussed the MHC Certified Stable Program. We all agreed there should be a higher criteria for running a business. We feel we want higher standards than the MHC. Dawn discussed non members shouldn’t be allowed to post anything related to boarding on our website or Facebook pages. We discussed a couple of possible legislative endeavors for 2015; broaden the equine liability law to include for profit, not just non profit, continue to strengthen horses as livestock in agricultural endeavors.

We adjourned at 8:20 and John gave us an in depth tour of his wonderful facility.

SEPT. 5, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM by President Joe Haines.  There were 7 members present;  Bonnie & Joe Haines, Kris Kelly, Josh Ness, Shannon & Larry Becking, Allison Eklund.  Kelly & Tim Thommes had an excused absence.

Kris Kelly read the minutes of the previous meeting with no corrections. Kris  moved to approve, second by Larry Becking and carried.

There was no Treasurer’s report.

Allison gave the legislative committee report.  She had attended a conference on immigration labor and shared some of that with us. 

Old Business:
We are looking at sending 2013 dues renewal forms.   Renewals are $25, new members at $50 and $75 for corporate.  Discussion was held on whether to do it as a 2 year renewal for $45.  We discussed adding a paypal link to the website to make it easier to renew.

New Business: 
Kris read a letter from John Strohfus about subjects he would like the association to address.  He had lots of good input.  Kris did forward the letter to the rest of the membership to instill interest.  We will have an insurance presentation and discussion at the next meeting.  Josh Ness from Farm Bureau volunteered to speak for 1/2 hour on liability topics.
Kris will see if she can line up someone from the Dept. of Labor and Industry to come to a meeting and discuss hiring and firing policies, work comp, etc.  Maybe for the January or Feb. meeting.  There is still interest in having an evening or Saturday afternoon of speakers for the membership with a dinner.

We will have a holiday membership dinner in January at Acapulco’s in Stillwater.  We will hold it here to support their business.  They give us the room each time for our meetings at no charge.

Bonnie moved to adjourn with a second from Larry and the meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kris Kelly, Secretary

April 4, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Joe Haines.

Kris Kelly read the minutes of the previous meeting were read with no corrections. Tim Thommes moved to approve, second by Bonnie Haines and carried.

Kelly Thommes gave the Treasurer’s report with all records available to view. Bonnie moved to approve, second by Larry Becking and carried.

Membership:  Jenny Buskey with Amador Acres and ____?_____ sent money for membership.  Jenny was present and introduced herself.  Kris needs the email addresses to add to the email list.
There were no other committee reports. 

Old Business:
We still need to send a dues request for 2012 membership dues.  Renewals are $25, new members at $50 and $75 for corporate.  We have 75 members.

New Business: 
Wisconsin has horses classified as companion animals and it is greatly affecting the farriers.  We need to keep them in the ag catagory in MN.

Before the meeting, Larry Becking introduced Ryan Heglund.  Ryan did an informative presentation on LED lighting for barns and arenas.  He will be going out to a few stables to access and then get back to the membership with LED lighting options. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 12, 2012 at Acapulco’s in Stillwater.

Tim moved to adjourn with a second from Kris and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kris Kelly, Secretary

GENERAL MEETING – November 7, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 7:20PM by President Joe Haines. Joe asked everyone to sign in on the sign up sheet.
Kris Kelly read the minutes from the Sept. 5 meeting.  Bonnie Haines moved to approve, seconded by Tim Thommes. Kelly Thommes read the Treasurer’s report with all records available to view. There is $881.07 in the account.  There was a brief discussion about getting the dues notice out to our members.
Joe delayed the committee reports for our guest speaker, Josh Ness, who spoke on liability insurance and worker’s compensation.  Josh presented a well thought out program with an informational handout and answered questions from members at the completion of his presentation.  The membership gives Josh a huge thank you for doing this.
Old Business:  Our holiday membership dinner will take place on January 2, 2013 at Acapulco’s in Stillwater.  We are having it here this year as they continue to allow us to have our meetings here at no cost.  We felt it would be wise to show some support.  Social time is 6:30-7:00 with seated order off the menu dining. Each member will pay for their meal.  Please RSVP to Bonnie by Dec. 28th.  Kris will send out a flier to members.
Kris mentioned if you know someone who is a member and isn’t getting information from us, let her know.  There are a number of email addresses that are bouncing back, so they may have changed and she hasn’t been informed.
New Business:  Kelly found a good DOT speaker that is up to date on changes in the laws and very knowledgeable.  She will try to get him for the Feb. 6th meeting.  Kris will send something out as soon as she gets the info from Kelly.
Kris moved to adjourn, seconded by Tim and carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Kris Kelly, Secretary



December 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Joe Haines at 7:20PM. Our membership had a social holiday dinner at Acapulco’s prior to the meeting. Thanks to Bonnie Haines for setting it up. Kris Kelly read the minutes from the previous meeting with a motion to approve made by Bonnie, seconded by Larry Lanioux and carried. Kelly Thommes read the Treasurer’s report with all records available to view. The ad for the Champ Show program has not been billed and we have $450 that will still be spent on our organizational filing fees for our 501c3. We had one new member. Bonnie moved to approve the report, seconded by Tim Thommes and carried. There was nothing new in membership from Larry. Allison Eklund gave the legistative report. The session starts in January and we will look at issues at hand to address. MNSOA submitted a letter in support of the DNR trails including horseback riding in their planning of trails. We had discussion on the pros and cons of a booth at Horse Expo and the worth of it’s value to us for the dollars spent. We can do the ad in the program. We will table the topic until January and continue discussion.
Old Business: We will mail the request for dues renewal after January.
Allison will try to get the DOT people to come to the January meeting and discuss the commercial trailer rules and regulations and clarify the confusion.
New Business: We discussed how the organization can be the most beneficial to its members. What can we do to address the varied interests of the membership. Discussion was held on having an annual meeting in conjunction with a business seminar with speakers during the day on multiple subjects of interest. We do not have to have monthly meetings. The committees and Board of Directors can work on the nuts and bolts of things and report. We discussed making a nice brochure for circulation. Our new member, Josh, is a corporate sponsor with the Farm Bureau. He offered to help with the brochure. We would need to get bids from printers.
Our next meeting is January 5 at 7:00 PM at Acapulco’s in Stillwater.
Tim moved to adjourn, seconded by Kris and carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:14.

October 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Joe Haines at 7:10PM.  Kris Kelly read the minutes from the Sept. meeting.  Larry Lanioux moved to approve, seconded by Tim Thommes and carried.  Kelly Thommes read the Treasurer’s report with all records available to view.  Kris moved to approve, seconded by Bonnie Haines and carried.  
Committee reports:
Membership:  Larry Beckering went to the Arab show at the Fairgrounds and took MNSOA information to hand out.  The ad was in the Champ show program, our banner was up and Kelly talked with some people there about membership.
Legislation:  Bonnie sent emails to all 3 gubernatorial candidates and heard back from Emmer and Horner, but not Dayton.   The two that responded said they were not entertaining a sales tax on horses.  She will try Dayton again.  
Allison Eklund discussed the questionnaire that Washington Cty sent out about property use.  She suggested filling out the parts that were relevant.  She has been in contact with the County and they did not get a lot of response.  She will be happy to help anyone fill it out.  She suggested writing a narrative with the number of acres and what you do with them, copies of schedule F’s to support ag use.  She suggests you use the survey as a reference tool. The county is willing to listen so we need to show them why should be given we should have the classifications.  Allison will send out a policy update and forward it to the stable owners.  If the question is green acres, you have to show income from a product being sold, show your boarding contracts, horses are on pasture and you are being paid for the product.  The U of M website can help with how much grass each horse eats a day.  Allison had a card for Vandeveer for anyone to sign and donate to his campaign if they want.  He was the chief author of the bill that passed for us in the legislature. 
Old Business:  Arly is separating the types of membership on the website.  He wants to give the corporate sponsors more advertising and asked Kelly to make a couple of changes on the membership form.  He wants to put a thank you on the home page to our corporate sponsors.  Bonnie moved to have the corporate sponsors on the home page with their logos and ad to give them more recognition.  Dawn Lanning seconded the motion and it carried.  Dawn also wrote a concept article and Arly passed around the one that he had written.  The question was asked if we need a face book presence.  Allison will set up a face book page so administrator and fans can post there.  It is just another place to advertise free.  Dawn moved we submit $49.00 for some new logo ideas, seconded by Tim and carried.  There was some discussion on the topic and Dawn moved to table her motion until the next meeting, seconded by Bonnie and carried.  Dawn wrote her article as part of the Concept bid, we don’t know what we will do with that one, yet. We will pay for the one contracted as agreed at the previous meeting.  We will discuss articles further at our Nov. meeting.  Kris tried to get information on the Parade of Stables, but Jill is no longer working there.  She will contact Peter.  Allison will try and get the DOT as a guest speaker for Nov. 
Trails:  Dawn Lanning said there was no allocation for funds for horse trails in the Trails and Legacy Art Grant.  She will also pass info from the DNR to the members.
Discussion was held on Horse Expo.  Larry suggested a better location.  Kris will call Glen, perhaps we can share a booth with someone, like Running Aces.  Kris moved we have a presence at Horse expo and allow Kelly to cut a check if needed prior to our next meeting.  The motion was seconded by Tim and carried. Kris moved to adjourn, but withdrew her motion.  Kelly asked about getting some insurance people to come in for a discussion at one of the meeting.  Perhaps McNamara, Farm Bureau and Aflac.  This could be for the Feb. meeting, as we are trying to get someone from the DNR for January. 
We will try to come up with speakers that would be beneficial to stable owners for some meetings next year. 
New Business:  We will talk about the a Christmas Party at the Dec. meeting. 
Kris moved to adjourn, seconded by Kelly and carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kris Kelly, Secretary


General meeting – Sept. 1, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Joe Haines at 7:10 PM.  Kris Kelly read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Bonnie Haines moved to approve, seconded by Tim Thommes and carried.  Kelly Thommes read the Treasurer’s report with all records available to view.  We have a balance of $1692.84.  Kris moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Bonnie and carried.
Committee reports:  Membership – Larry Lanoux
Not much effort has been made for memberships due to busy summers.  Kris moved to do a corporate sponsorship at the Champ Show for $250.00 with a banner and page in the program, the banner hangs in the coliseum.  Tim seconded the motion and it carried.  Kelly will do this.  Kris received the WSCA labels. 
Legislation:  Kris gave Allison’s report.  There has been some rumblings from the gubernatorial candidates to put sales tax back on horses and tack.  We need to see where the candidates stand. 
Website:  Kelly gave new email addresses to Arly. 
Old Business:  Vandeveer asked for our mailing list.  Tim moved we give our membership list to the people who support us.  Kelly Thommes seconded the motion and it carried.  Vandeveer is also looking for someone to host a fundraiser for him.
Kris will get more information from Allison and forward it to our members.
New Business:  Discussion was held on holding a “Parade of Stables” promotion.  Kris will call Stillwater Living and discuss it with them regarding costs/advertising.
Discussion was held  to “why” to join the organization.  We feel we have accomplished quite a bit in our short time in regards to better conditions in the tax climate.  We need open communication with all members in order to survive in this industry.  We need to work with each other rather than look at each other as competitors.  Arly discussed the “content” writer concept and post articles on our website.  Dawn Lansing moved to spend $50.00 to author an article about a topic important to the group and submit it everywhere, news, magazines, etc.  Kris seconded the motion and it carried.  Larry will do an outline regarding youth involvement with horses.  We should put together a survey to see what our members want. 
Discounts from suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, etc. was discussed.  We could put a column on our website for companies/people who offer discounts if you are a member of MNSOA.  Group insurance rates, deals on volume bedding/feed, etc. should be looked into.
Annual dues will be due in January.  Our next meeting is Oct. 13 at Acapulco’s.
We discussed Kevin Corbett coming to our Oct. meeting for informational purposes.  Kris will talk to Allison.  The topic of a DNR representative at our Nov. meeting was brought up.  Trail plans for 2011 could be discussed. 
Kris moved to adjourn, seconded by Tim and carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.

Repectfully submitted,  Kris Kelly, Secretary



The meeting was called to order by President Joe Haines.  There were 13 members present.  Kris Kelly read the minutes of the April meeting.  A motion to approve was made by Dan Potter, seconded by Larry Lanioux and carried.
Kelly Thommes gave the Treasurer’s report.  There are 64 members signed up at this point.  Kelly read the bills, there was the expo ad to be paid, and Larry moved to pay the bills and approve the report, seconded by Corey Grandstrand
and carried. 
Committee reports: 
Membership:  Discussion was held on ways to further promote the organization.  Expo exposure was good with a lot
of positive feedback.  We can try to have horse shows announce the organization and give away a membership.  Dawn
Lanning talked about contacting vendors to give discounts to members.  There was discussion to give packets of information to the saddle clubs to give out to their members.  It is felt that breed associations and being reciprocal members of them would be beneficial.  We will try to have each member promote the organization in an area they partake in to advertise the association.  Shannon Becking said to answer the prospective question of “why join”?  Concentrate on the advantages.  There is the website to advertise your business on and link to your website, free of additional charge.  The support of like businesses and ability to network for additional business opportunities.
There is strength in numbers for communication and support for legislative actions, ability to stay abreast of industry issues, the availability of answers and networking for business issues, are just a few reasons to join.  We would like to form a publicity/advertising committee.  Anyone interested in serving on this, please contact Bonnie or Joe Haines, Kris Kelly or Kelly and Tim Thommes.  Kris will contact WSCA for their mailing list (there is a small fee of approximately $50.00) to be able to send information to each club in the state to present to their membership.  Dawn moved to approve to spend up to $75.00 for the list, seconded by Larry and carried.
How to keep active membership was discussed.  We need to keep the information current and relevant on the website.
We need to establish an informative monthly or quarterly newsletter.  There are always active and passive members in every club.  We want to welcome any member’s ideas to make the organization better and more beneficial to all of us.
The legislative issues and land taxes were what brought us together, but there are so many other relevant topics we can partake in as a group.  Dawn moved we take packets for the saddle clubs and give 2 free memberships to each to do as they see fit.  The motion was seconded by Kelly and carried. 
Legislative:  Kris read the report from Allison.  The bills are waiting signing by the Governer.
Old Business:  Arly has the website statistics.  It is staying steady.  He is going to change the site to the colors we used at Expo.  Kris is working with Constant Contact to work on a newsletter.  Kelly will write to the MHC for a grant.
New Business:  We asked what member’s areas of interest are.  Would you like a guest speaker a couple of times a year?  Corey suggested we have a June meeting.  Bonnie will check on Acapulco’s again.  The meeting will be on Wednesday, June 02, 2010. 
Kris moved to adjourn, seconded by Tim and carried. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kris Kelly, Secretary



The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM.  President Joe Haines asked everyone to sign in on the sign up sheet.
Kris Kelly read the minutes from the March 2 meeting.  Mary Armstrong moved to approve, seconded by Larry Lanoux and carried.  Kelly Thommes gave the Treasurer’s report.  We have 59 members and @2385.00 in the checking account.  Larry moved to accept the report, seconded by Bonnie Haines and carried.  Kelly read the bills, Kris moved to pay the bills, seconded by Larry and carried. 
Committee reports:  Membership – Larry Lanoux
We will set up for expo on Wed., April 21 at 8:30 AM.  There is a sign up sheet to fill in when you can work the booth.
We will call members to fill in the rest of the blanks.  Larry is checking with Fleet Farm, Best Buy and 3M to see if they would donate membership incentives to give new members who join at Expo.  Allison will shuffle information between booths.  Members can put stable information at the booth and pictures to hang, if they want.  We need things to us by April 17th, if you want to partake.  Larry is trying to put together a power point presentation from website information, as well.  The booth is in the poultry barn.  We have an ad in the program.
Legislative: Allison Eklund
We are waiting for the bill to get included in the non-controversial omnibus tax bill.  There is no opposition to it, again, the urban representatives don’t understand the impact for their own district.  Please have your boarders call their people to support this bill.  Allison will put an info sheet together with district congresspeople who didn’t vote for it, to give out at Expo.  There was green acre discussion.  If it has been taken away, definitely reapply before by April 30th, 2010.
The Somerdorf case was settled completely and the county waived the right to appeal.
Old Business:  If you want to be listed on the website, submit your stable name, address, phone and link to your website to Arly at arly@acreation4u.com.  He bills us in ½ hour increments at $30.00/hour.  We are still finalizing the logo.  Then we can get it on t-shirts, hats, and polos for members and/or to sell.  We will submit a letter to the Horse Council asking for $500.00 to help with start up expenses.
New Business:  Larry asked about monthly news on the website.  Maybe highlight a member of the month.  Anyone interested in writing for the website, let Bonnie know. 
Allison has someone from William Mitchell law school who is interested in serving as an intern for the summer.  Allison will check into the details.  Ashley Stende is her name and she was present as Allison’s guest.  Part of her duties would be to establish local outlying chapters of the association, promote memberships, look into local problems that area stables are facing so we, as an associaton, can better serve our members.  Ashley would also help work the booth.  We would be the sponsoring organization and Allison would be her supervisor.  Kris moved to approve looking into the process of having Ashley intern for our organization, seconded by Kelly and carried.  We will have the information and make a decision at the May meeting. 
May 5th, 2010 is our next meeting at 7:00.  Bonnie will check with Acapulco’s to see if we can meet there.  If not, we will check with the Hugo City Hall, again.  Discussion was held about trying to hold the meetings in various places around the cities as memberships grow from outlying areas.  We are all for doing this.  We need members to find places that we can meet free of charge and let us know.  We will then schedule meetings in those areas in the coming months.  Kris suggested we not meet in June and July if there is nothing pending.  Dan Potter suggested we may meet again in June if we get a lot of new members from Expo.  Kris moved to adjourn, seconded by Bonnie and carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:15.  We were very close to our goal of keeping it to one hour. 

Kris Kelly, Secretary


March 3, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Joe Haines at 7:10 PM.  Kris Kelly read the minutes from the February meeting.  Bonnie Haines moved to approve, seconded by Larry Lanoux and carried.  Kelly Thommes read the Treasurer’s report with all records available to view. We do have an account at the Lake Elmo Bank.  When our non profit number comes in we will give it to them.  Kelly is a signer and it was suggested Kris Kelly become an additional signer for the account.  Kris moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Beth Miner and carried.
Committee reports:  Membership – Larry Lanoux
Larry requested a simple letter be drawn up explaining the benefits of MNSOA and why one should belong.  Allison sent a newsletter out, and will show Kelly, Larry, and Kris how to do Constant Contact.  We need our logo on the website.  We need to send a thank you to Mallory for the design.  Larry would like to swap literature with several other booths/associations at the Expo.  Kris mentioned we can get the WSCA saddle club addresses for $50.00 if it is presented at a Board meeting.  Mallory moved to spend $50.00 for the mailing list, seconded by Doug P.  The motion did not get voted on. We will discuss it again at the April meeting.  Mark Ward and Allison will work on a letter explaining our educational and advocacy goals.  The MHC is a statewide umbrella organization the does not operate on a local level to make changes.  It was suggested to use the dollar figures for the industry in the letter.
Larry introduced the guest speaker, Dick Dey from Racino Now.  Dick stated according to a U of MN studey two years ago, it is a 1.1 billion dollar industry in Mn.   He spoke about the racino bill and offered the support it they can help us to use them.
Website:  Arly added the logo to the site and it is on the application form.  He wants a better, more attention grabbing opening page.  The directory will be a part.  If you want your stable listed, contact Arly with name, phone number and link to website.
Legislative:  Allison said the bill has bipartisan names and support and the strength of the bill is in the fact the Dept. of Revenue is supportive.  There is a hearing scheduled next week.  The county is talking about appealing the Somerdorf case.  The inherent risk bill supporting “for profit” businesses did not fly.
Old Business:  Larry gave a report on the Grant ordeal. 
Kris has the information for the Horse Expo booth and asked which of the locations available the group would like to be in.  Kris moved we spend $220 to rent a space at the Minnesota Horse Expo, seconded by Kelly and carried. 
We need a committee to design the expo booth.  Larry, Tim Thommes, Kelly, Allison, and Kris will meet with Bonnie and Joe at their house on March 24th at 7:00PM
New Business;  Allison found a site called cafepress.com which will put your logo on items.  We will look at it.  Bonnie asked if we could publish the minutes on the website prior to their approval, if they are stated “draft copy” or “unapproved “ copy.  Kris will get the minutes to Arly.
Doug asked if he could get some information and banners to take with him to his shows for his booth to promote our organization.  We need to get a few thing made up for the expo and then they would be available.
The date for the April meeting is April 7 at 7:00 PM.  Bonnie will try to secure the room again, and let us know if she can’t.
Kris moved to adjourn, seconded by Dan and carried.  The meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kris Kelly, Secretary

Feb. 2, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Joe Haines.  Members signed in and there were 16 members present.  Kris Kelly read the minutes of the Jan. 6th meeting that Kelly Thommes had recorded.  Mark Ward moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Beth Minor and carried.  Kelly Thommes gave the Treasurer’s report.  There are 41 paid members.  Larry Lanoux moved to approve the report, seconded by Bonnie Haines and carried.  Larry and Mark (Ward) reported on the membership committee.  Discussion was held to fine tune the benefits of belonging to the organization.  We would like to do a membership packet or even just a letter, thanking the new member for joining and to expect more contact.  Mark said we could be listed in the Mn Horsemen’s Directory on the MHC website. Discussion was held as to the most effective way to do email contact.
Constant contact was one option, but there is a monthly cost.  It was suggested a letter requesting a grant be written to the Horse Council requesting funding for this. Mark Ward moved to send a letter of request for $500.00 to the Mn Horse Council Direct Funding Committee for start up costs for email contacts, seconded by Larry and carried. Bonnie moved we write each new member an email or send a letter (if not email) welcoming them to the association.  The second was by Larry and carried.  Kris Kelly moved we allot up to $100.00 to purchase envelopes and stamps to have if we need to mail something.  The second was from Corey and carried with one nay.  Larry will work with Kelly Thommes on letters/forms. 
Old Business:  Bonnie introduced Arly, who set up the website.  Discussion was held as to what should be on the site.  The website looks good and can easily be changed if the membership wishes.  A directory was suggested, for those who want their stable listed on the site.  Articles of interest could be submitted.  A testimonial of their support from the Horse Council would be a benefit.  The possibility of a forum or blog was discussed.  The website should act as a newsletter to state what has happened and what is coming up.  Bonnie is the person with access to the emails from the website. Bonnie moved we should start with a directory of stable owners on the site, seconded by Cory and carried.  The listing should contain the name, address, phone and website, a link and a short description.  Contact Arly or Bonnie to get listed.  The logo is finished and needs to get put on the website and on the membership form. 
Larry gave an update on the Grant meeting.  The topic was tabled until March. Dan Potter clarified a couple of the issues to the membership regarding conditional use permits, acreage requirements, etc. 
Mark Ward talked about the meeting with the Dept. of Revenue.  The decisions made at the meetings will be forwarded to all assessors. The Somerdorf decision came down and was good.  The use of pasture does count for agricultural product.  There was a statement made that any boarding stable doing training and lessons would have a split

classification, but they were unclear on the split.  The language on this is one of the items  that  Dan Ramberg and Allison are working on.  Dan Potter pointed out one mindset that this organization needs to change is horses being an agricultural activity, not a recreational activity.  Bonnie pointed out some of the economic impact the horses have and the revenue they bring to the state.  She quoted from the U of Mn. Extension website.
Loren Sederstrom pointed out that we all need to seek out candidates for our local offices in government that are sympathetic to the cause. 
New Business:  Allison presented a copy of the bill being presented adding horse training and lessons to the existing statute.  The bill needs to be jacketed and formally introduced.  She wants bipartisan signing on the bill.  As soon as she has the information, she will let us know and then we can start out calls to the state representatives and senators to support the bill.  There will be different numbers for the bill in the house and in the senate.   Dan Potter asked Allison if a resolution of support would be helpful.  Dan moved we endorse a resolution on behalf of the MnSOA to endorse the language prescribed as a draft in senate file 5018, with a second by Tim Thommes and carried.  Dan R. and Allison are also working on the liability statute that amends 604a.section 12 to include “for profit” entities.  Bonnie volunteered to put together a format of “what to do” when it is time to do the calling of the legislators.  She will give names and numbers and bill numbers.
Allison reported that Dave Dayon is reintroducing his bill, but recommends we not take a position on that bill due to the controversy.
Dan P. moved to table the discussion of election for VP for 3 months, seconded by Larry and carried. 
Allison discussed privacy issues regarding Constant Contact and the email data base. 
We discussed the value of having a booth at the Horse Expo in April.  We will get the information to see if there are booths left.  Larry moved we have a booth at the Horse Expo, seconded by Mark and carried. Tim and Larry will set up expo.  Call them if you would like to help.    Kris moved we join the Mn Horse Council, seconded by Mark and carried.  Kris will call Glenn Eaton to see if we can get in.  Mark will talk to Glenn at their meeting next week. 

The next meeting will be March 3, at 7:00 PM at Acapulco’s in Stillwater.  Bonnie will retain the room.

Bonnie moved to adjourn, seconded by Mark and carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Kris Kelly, Secretary


January 6, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by President Joe Haines. A sign-in sheet was passed around (27 people signed-in). Kelly Thommes read the minutes of the previous meeting for Kris Kelly. Kelly Thommes read the treasurer’s report that consisted of 8 paying members from the previous meeting totaling $385.00. Larry Lanoux spoke as the Membership Committee. He stressed this is not a local issue.  He has contacted the Farrier’s Association; they will attach our information and literature to their website. He asked that we talk with vet associations, feed stores, saddle shops, and breed associations etc. Larry and Kelly will be attending the Simon’s Sale on Saturday to get memberships. Larry mentioned some opposition he was receiving from those all ready members of the MN Horse Council and answered questions if we were “re-inventing the wheel”. It was clarified that the MNSOA is working in conjunction with the MN Horse Council. MNSOA is a “business league” complimentary the MN Horse Council (more voices, the better). We need a file and dockit number on the proposed bill and an email base, so we can have everyone call senators in a short time frame. Dan Ramberg specified that we can’t just call, we need a bill number and make sure everyone says the same thing when they call (have a template). We need boarders to sign up. Dam Ramberg felt that we represent 1500-2000 people. Corey Grandstrand offered to post MNSOA info on MSJA website. Someone mentioned that we should try and get email lists from state breed associations. The TCCT list was also mentioned to get info out. Allison Eklund talked about complimentary grassroots. Bonnie Haines nominated Larry Lanoux as Chairman of the Membership Committee. Dan Ramberg seconded, and the motion was carried. Other Committee members nominated were Mark Ward and Mary Jo Cody, motion carried. Peter McNiff and Jill Lucas from Stillwater Living Magazine talked as guest speakers about how they might help our organization both editorially and also setting up a “barn tour” much like the “Parade of Homes”. They offered to be the managing group for this. It could boost visibility of the organization and of individual barns. This will be discussed at a later meeting.  Bonnie Haines gave a website update. The website was put together by Arly Nielsen-Acreation4u. The website address is www.MNSOA.org. Although other addresses will be routed to this website (www.minnesotastableownersassociation.org, and www.minnesotastableownersassociation.com. Eventually we will be able to pay on-line and have a downloadable .pdf forms, links to sponsors, and tracking information on the website. Articles have been scanned and are available. Mallory Kampher brought logos she designed for the association to review. A logo was selected and Peter McNiff volunteered to help Mallory determine color and font, etc. (15 minutes of probono work). Dan Potter moved to approve and seconded by Tim Thommes, motion carried. Allison Eklund passed around an Introductory Flier for MNSOA. This can be passed out to others with the membership form. She made it clear that the MNSOA is a 501C(6), a Non-Profit Business League and there are some rules for using dues as “write-offs” because this group will retain lobbing efforts. However, many stable owners can write off membership dues as an “ordinary business expense”. Allison will send the revised Introductory Flier of MNSOA to the website. Kelly Thommes filed the association with the Secretary of State on 1/5/10. She also passed around the new membership form which will be made available (w/new logo) on the website. Steve Bohnen, Christine Flug, and Dan Potter talked about the City of Grant meeting that occurred the night before. Grant is re-doing their “grazable acres” definition. Christine Flug talked about the definition of “dry” and “wetland” types and how it is being interpreted in the definition. The Grant City Council tabled the new definition until the February meeting. Mark Ward asked for a round of applause to Dan Potter for encouraging the “Big Picture” approach at the City council meeting. Dan Potter congratulated Steve Bohnen for getting 250-300 signatures on a petition and for getting the education out. Steve Bohnen was given the “Manure Expert” title as we discussed that the community needs to be educated that stable-owners promote being stewards of the land. It was discussed that we could have “economical impact” information (i.e. horses vs cattle) and/or a manure plan for horse owners on our website. Jill Lucas from Stillwater Living Magazine mentioned that their was educational info on the website for the Valley Branch Watershed District and she would get that website info. Allison Eklund agreed to donate her attorney time for 1-year and withhold membership fee. She is retained by the MN Horse Council which can’t conflict, Mark Ward said there is no conflict. Tim Thommes asked for someone else to by VP (since same family is on board). This was tabled till next meeting. Allison Eklund talked about the MNSOA By-Laws. She discussed the possibility of different counties being able to have a delegate or “proxy” to vote as a representative for a group of members. The By-Laws are “bare-bones” and can be changed by a 2/3 vote (voting membership/majority of those present at the meeting). By-laws were discussed that it needs to be flexible to adapt to different counties and communities. Christine Flug asked about the ability of a proxy system and voting ability of those who can’t make it to meetings. Mark Ward discussed that the MN Department of Revenue meeting is postponed till 1/12/10 and it would be beneficial to get some MNSOA representation at the next meeting and also about the interest in MNSOA growing a partnership with the MN Horse Council. Allison proposed voting on the by-laws and discussed adding provisions with “distant voting”, “delegates”, and “proxy provisions”. Mark Ward made a motion to approve the By-Laws, Rob Stafford 2nd it and the motion was carried. Joan Harmon arranged a meeting Wednesday Jan. 13, with legislatures Rep. Matt Dean, Rep. Bob Dettmer, Rep. Tom Emmer and Senator Ray Vandeveer. The meeting will be held at the Withrow Ballroom at 6:00 PM. We will discuss the Reclassification of commercial horse boarding, green acres, and the horse industry in the state of MN. Tim Thommes will call Paul Bergmann to reserve facility use. A MNSOA meeting will follow. Cory Grandstrand, Steve Bohnen, and Allison Eklund will organize the meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 9:08 PM by Bonnie Haines, seconded by Dan Ramberg.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kelly Thommes, for Kris Kelly



The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by Dan Ramberg.  A sign in sheet was passed around.  A big thank you was given to Paul Bergman for the use of the Withrow Ballroom for our meeting.  We welcomed new attendees.  Kris Kelly read the minutes of the previous meeting.  Bill Ramberg moved to approve, seconded by Allison Eklund and the motion carried.  
Officers were elected.  Tim Thommes nominated Joe Haines for President.  A white ballot was cast and Joe Haines is the President.  Kelly Thommes volunteered to be Treasurer and Kris Kelly volunteered to be Secretary.  Tim Thommes is Vice President.  There will be 3 additional general membership positions that will be elected or appointed to serve on the Board at a later date.
Discussion for the set up of the non-profit was outlined by Allison Eklund.  We need a mission statement, articles of incorporation and by-laws.  She and Kelly will work on these and Kelly will file with the state when she has everything in hand.  We discussed a mission statement.  We agreed upon “An organization whose presence and purpose is to promote the interest of equine business in Minnesota and educate others to the importance of horses in agriculture in Minnesota.                                                              

 Old Business:  The membership fee was established at $50.00 per stable.  The associate membership is $25.00 and for boarders, clients, etc.  We should plan for a business or corporation sponsorship in the future.  Dan Potter moved to approve, seconded by Dan Ramberg and carried.  Larry Lanoux discussed possible ideas for a membership committee and will pursue new members.
Bonnie Haines had information for a website.  Her quote was $220 for up to 25 pages at $30.00/hour.  Kris said she would contact Mark Ward and see if he is interested in doing a web site.  We already have the domain name registered.
The Minnesota Horse Council submitted their guidelines to the Mn. Dept. of Revenue and the hearing was postponed until 1/5/10.  The release of decision in the Sherbourne County case was delayed until February, 2010.  The new legislative session starts on Feb. 4th.  We should have a pretty good base for support by then.  We will need a bill # when it is time to show our support to our lawmakers.  Beth Minor has been speaking with Joan Harmen to try and get politicians to meet with us to voice our concerns. 
New Business:  Mallory Kampfler will work on a logo.  Larry will work on gathering new outlets for memberships.  Kelly will get a PO box, file with the state, open a bank account (as soon as the paperwork allows), and make up a new membership form.  We need a letter of introduction to go with that.  Allison and Kelly will work on the letter.
Steve Bohnen said his wife Kathy is a CPA and he will volunteer her to help where needed.  Nancy Jacobson presented information on the events happening at the Withrow Ballroom and handed out fliers for us to post.  The next meeting will be at Acapulco’s in Stillwater at 7:00 PM on Jan. 6th, 2010.
Kris moved to adjourn, seconded by Dan and the meeting adjourned at 8:55PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Kris Kelly, Secretary